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Emily Tucker, LPC

Emily Tucker is a  Licensed Professional and Nationally Certified counselor in private practice. Ms. Tucker, a graduate of the University of Montevallo (2001) Currently resides in Shelby County AL. Emily began her private practice in 2010. Her practice moved into a full time venture in 2012.  Prior to opening her practice, Emily worked at a behavioral health treatment center, a community crisis center, and a community mental health center.  The professional experience obtained at these agencies and in her practice have allowed Emily to develop a highly intuitive and empathetic approach. Clients frequently present seeking support with mood disorders such as depression and bi-polar disorder, relationship issues, anxiety, trauma recovery, inner child healing, life adjustment support, grief and healing, behavior change and much more.

 An experienced therapist, Emily finds working with mental health and wellness promotion especially meaningful. Her approach is “client -focused” in most situations, meaning the client can direct the therapy to focus in areas and exploring resources most helpful to each unique client.  Support, reflection, and building and modeling a healthy therapeutic relationship are seen as essential qualities in every session.  Emily works from the client centered model, but also utilizes other skills and techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), journaling, homework if requested by the client, reading from outside sources, Gottman method for couples, hypnotherapy when requested, and Lifespan Integration in trauma recovery when indicated.

 Clients are encouraged to express what is most (and least) helpful in their personal process, allowing each therapy session to evolve in the most productive manner for each individual client. Emily believes that resources within each individual can be recognized and utilized in the therapy. Emily feels that within us all, we have connection to great hope and healing, sometimes we may simply need someone to walk with us, as we discover our own potential, strength and possibility. 

Outside of her practice, Emily enjoys activities with her family, such as hiking, biking, and traveling. She also volunteers time with local animal rescue groups and also is pursuing her interest in health promotion, wellness, and healing philosophies.


Insurance accepted:  UpriseHealth, Beacon (formerly Value Options), Blue Cross, Magellan, Tricare, VIVA.    Accepts ONLY UpriseHealth & Magellan Employee Assistance Program (EAP) visits.  Private pay rate:  $130 per visit.

 If the client is UNDER age 18, the first visit is a parent(s)-only meeting to collect a full history on the minor client.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology , University of Alabama at Birmingham

Masters in Education in Counseling, University of Montevallo

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