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"Allow yourself to accept help. Things can get better!"


sampleSince emotional, mental and psychological problems are oftentimes difficult to define, it is usually a good idea to have a thorough psychological evaluation completed.

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sampleShelby Psychological Services offers therapy for both individuals (children, adolescents and adults) and families.

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Research shows that EMDR is rapid, safe and effective. EMDR does not involve the use of drugs or hypnosis. It is a simple, non-invasive patient-therapist collaboration in which healing can happen effectively.

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About Our Practice

Since 1998 Shelby Psychological Services has been a member of the Pelham - Shelby County community and focused on treating the behavioral health issues of our clients.

Welcome to Shelby Psychological Services Website. Here you will find basic contact information regarding our practice. We are clinical psychologists and other licenced mental health professionals and work with adults, adolescents, and children. Some of our providers have a specials interest in the problems of childhood and adolescence.

All types of therapy, counseling, and psychological testing are provided. The majority of our patients deal with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and or some type of reaction caused by a specific event. Please see our frequently asked questions page for more specifics. Give us a call and our staff would be happy to set-up an appointment with one of our providers.

Recent News

  1. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - We know that everyone is concerned about the Coronaviruse and the Covid-19 outbreak. SPS is committed to continue to provide services to our patients and is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety and well being of patients, their families, our staff and our providers. We remain open for now but are offering a telehealth/telepsych option for our clients. For in office sessions, please know that we have increased our cleaning and disinfecting regimen of the offices and common areas. Only clients are allowed in the offices and others are asked to please wait in their vehicles so that we can provide the physical distancing recommended by the CDC. Because we do not meet in large crowds and we are able to maintain physical distance from each other in the office, the risk of spreading the virus in our individual offices remains low. We ask, as always, if you feel sick, have sick ones at home, or if you know that you have been exposed to the virus, that you stay at home. Please alert us as soon as possible and we can schedule a telehealth appointment with you or fill your reserved time. You will not be charged for a late cancellation should you cancel because of illness. No shows, however, will continue to be charged. We do ask that you please contact the office to confirm your scheduled appointments. You will be alerted to your individual providers service offering options and how to best proceed. Your mental health during this time is extremely important to us. Do NOT panic or catastrophize. This is a time to practice your relaxation techniques, deep breathing, common sense and good hygiene. Should you have any questions or other concerns, please reach out and give us a call.